JIBRI Sequin (Off White) Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

JIBRI Sequin (Off White) Full Sleeve Maxi Dress


Congratulations on choosing your perfect Bridal Gown at JIBRI PLUS SIZE APPAREL!  We are so excited for you! Please read the terms below.  Thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of your special day.  We truly appreciate you and your business.


Once we have begun creating the gown, no major changes to the gown can be made. (i.e. design, color, concept)    


Measurements are trequested to ensure the best fit possible; however, alterations are almost always necessary to ensure formal/special occasion/bridal fit. Alterations are included in your order, but may require additional fees if your size is dramatically different from the original measurements taken. (Including but not limited to: weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, surgery)  We are not responsible for any change in size that may occur after the final fitting. JIBRI does not assume responsibility for a third party seamstress or cleaners.    


We require a minimum of 60 business days to manufacturer the bridal garments (unless otherwise stated).


Due to the fact that our merchandise is made to order, all sales are final.    

Bride Name Sarah Coulton

Completion on or before August 25, 2018

Gown Color: Off White

JIBRI Sequin (Off White) Full Sleeve Maxi Dress

  • Flare maxi skirt

  • Side Split on Skirt (Optional)

  • V neckline

  • Full Sleeve with elastic finish

  • Chic side pockets

  • Elastic Waist

  • Detached Lining

  • Fabrication: Off White Sequin Disc

  • Handmade in Atlanta, GA

Style Notes: Effortlessly stylish and flattering for most body types.

  • Custom Measurements : Bust: 46.5"

    Waist: 48.8"

    Hips: 61"

    Collarbone to floor: 57.5"

    Height (bare foot): 69.3"

    Arm at the widest part/bicep: 17.7"

    Arm hole: 18.5"

    Am length: 25.6"

    Shipping address

    To avoid customs charges (I live in the UK), I will have it shipped to my future sister-in-law who lives in the States who can either hand it to me when I visit in September or she can ship it to me if it's not ready in time. Her name and address is: Angela Woodhead, 4538 Legends Drive, Southern Pines, NC 28387.

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