Washable Cloth Face Mask (Print 13 - Doggie Print)- JIBRI

Washable Cloth Face Mask (Print 13 - Doggie Print)- JIBRI


  • Breathable, lined with compact cotton.

  • Pleated for a comfortable fit, expands to fit over nose and mouth.

  •  Elastic ear loops

  • Easy to wash (we recommend washing before your first wear and regularly thereafter:).

  • Made in Norcross GA USA

    Sizes (measurements not including ear ties):

  •   Adult 8" x 6 1/2"
    Kids 6" x 5" (best for ages 3 - 7, but there is no official age range and some adults with smaller faces may even prefer kids size)

  • Please note face covers are likely to shrink after washing (so if you're unsure about adult vs. kids size, expect it to shrink when washed ).

  • Assorted neutrals and colorful face coverings are available. Due to high demand, we are not able to customize print or color, please do not make custom requests.

  • Waste minimizing. Each mask is made using repurposed laundered fabric remnants.

  • Our face covers are not FDA approved as a medical device, nor certified as PPE (personal protective equipment). They are to provide some level of protection based on the CDC's recommendation that even DIY masks are helpful, but they are not a substitute for medical grade masks. Because material remnants have been used to produce each mask, there are different variations and versions produced. All versions of JIBRI’s protective face masks follow the CDC’s recommendations.

  • If you'd like to send a mask to a loved one, enter their shipping address at checkout along with a note in your shopping cart if you'd like to include a message.

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